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The sea "thalassa" and the treatment "therapia" are based on a thousand years of practice by the Egyptians, the Fenici, the Greek and the Romans for which these sea and thermal baths were the occasion to use the water and sea products (seaweed and mud) to stimulate, remineralize, relax and regenerate.
Erodoto, Euripides, Ippocrates, Galeno, Plato, Aristotele and Cicero, to mention the most famous, wrote on the benefits of effected by seawater.

In the XVIII century even medicine turns to the sea: Dr. Charles Russell in his work "The use of sea water" (1753), described the therapeutic benefits of seawater and officially used the sea environment for therapeutic purposes in the edifice in Brighton, England.
In the XIX century a real discipline was born: thalassotherapy, that even thanks to the research by Claude Bernard and Renè Quiton demonstrated the affinity of pH and of chemical profiles of seawater with the amiotic liquid. In 1904, during international medicine congresses, the famous french biologist Quinton, presented, the eccellent result obtained by using diluted seawater, defined as "Quinton plasma ", for drinks and underskin injective therapies like hydraterers in the gastrointeritis of babies, in a period when the antibiotic-therapy and the vein perfusion did not exist yet.

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